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Myrta Stewart Conservation Easement (Easement)

Myrta Stewart Conservation Easement. 20.9 acres in St. Croix, Hants Co.
Donated by Patrick Stewart


Undisturbed gypsum karst topography, rare Ram's-head and yellow lady's slippers, Acadian forest.


The Myrta Stewart Conservation Easement is an invaluable contribution to the province's natural biodiversity, and a wonderful addition to the Nature Trust's conservation network.

This site boasts significant numbers of the Ram's-head lady's slipper, which is extremely rare in North America, and found nowhere else in Atlantic Canada. It is also a wonderful example of very rare gypsum karst topography, which left undisturbed, supports an extremely varied ecosystems - including sinkholes, ponds, exposed cliffs, rare plants that cannot exist in other environments, and Acadian forest communities.