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Knox Conservation Lands (Donation)

Knox Conservation Lands. 36 acres in Molega Lake, Queens Co.
Donated by Randall and Brenda Knox


Atlantic Coastal Plain Flora, climax forest, species-at-risk


The Knoxes, who have lived in this area since the 1860s, decided to give this land to the Nature Trust on a 'split-receipt' (part donation, part purchase) in honour of Randall's father.

The property is significant for the Carolina redroot that grows there. One of a group of extremely rare plants that occur in southwestern Nova Scotia, but nowhere else in Canada, redroot plants are found on certain freshwater lakeshores and bogs.

In addition, this property is the first to formally protect habitat for the eastern ribbon snake, a provincially threatened species. Its preferred habitat is boggy or grassy areas on the shores of quiet ponds, streams and lakes.