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Shelter Cove Wilderness Sanctuary (Purchase)

Shelter Cove Wilderness Sanctuary. 145 acres in Tangier, Halifax County
Purchased from Friends of Nature Conservation Society


Coastal headland, back-to-back crescent beaches, forest.


One of Nova Scotia's last intact coastal headlands, the preservation of Shelter Cove means protection of critical habitats and ecosystems for a diversity of wildlife - from the Endangered Mainland Moose, to eagles and Osprey, and otters, seals and whales.

Shelter Cove's deeply indented bays and inlets, beaches and forests provide unparalleled wilderness recreation and opportunities for scientific research and study. The calm, secluded, back-to-back white sand beaches, sand dunes and salt marsh, contrast with the rugged, windswept, rocky shores, sea cliffs and look-offs, all on the same property. Colourful kelp forests and underwater gardens just offshore are rich in marine life.