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Cloud Lake Wilderness Area (Purchase)

Cloud Lake Wilderness Area. 185 acres in Cloud Lake, Annapolis Co.
Purchased from Bowater


Provincial wilderness area in-holding.


The Cloud Lake Conservation Lands are an integral part of the 26,761 acre Cloud Lake Wilderness Area. The in-holding comprises 185 acres of undisturbed old growth forest and unique wetland complex.

The forest is dominated by mature white pine (some more than 150 years old), sugar maple and red oak. The Cloud Lake property is also home to a variety of lichens, mosses, ferns, shrubs, wildflowers and two unique insect eating plants. These remote and undisturbed lands can only be accessed by foot, canoe or air.

By purchasing this land, the Nature Trust has protected 185 acres of forest from eventual logging. Logging would have resulted in fragmentation of the northwestern section of the wilderness area, the loss of mature forests, possible introduction of alien or invasive species, and access for motorized vehicles.