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Hardwood Lake Conservation Lands (Donation)

Hardwood Lake Conservation Lands. 338 acres in Hardwood Lake, Kings Co.
Donated by Kimberly Clark


Significant acreage, undeveloped shoreline.


A 338 acre site encompassing the eastern side of Hardwood Lake with a small section (500m) of brook on the northern end. The lakeshore forest (200m buffer strip) has not been cut during the past 70 years and is dominated by hardwoods and mixed forest including red spruce, white pine and hemlock.

The lakeshore is relatively undisturbed, with the exception of a small portion of the south end, occupied by a Girl Guides Camp. Minor foot trails run along the shoreline.

With many of the nearby lakes being rapidly developed to provide cottage dwellings, the protection of the relatively pristine Hardwood Lake is a major success for land conservation.