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Gaff Point Conservation Lands (Donation)

Gaff Point Conservation Lands. 12.74 acres in Kingsburg, Lunenburg Co.
Donated by Desmond and Janet Piers


Undeveloped headland.


This 12 acre property is situated on one of the last undeveloped headlands on the South Shore, and is a highly scenic area enjoyed by many Nova Scotians. The point is a natural refuge, encircled by rugged shale outcrops, hideaway coves, cliffs, coastal forests and barrens.

The donation was given jointly to the Nature Trust and the Kingsburg Coastal Conservancy, a local land trust seeking to protect lands and public access to coastline in the Kingsburg area. In 1999, the Kingsburg Conservancy approached the Nature Trust with an ambitious plan to protect the whole 100 acres of Gaff Point. The Piers have made a significant step towards this goal.