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Wolfville Ridge (Donation)

Wolfville Ridge. 115 acres in Wolfville Ridge, Kings Co.
Donated by Dr. Eric Cleveland


Representative woodlands.


The property consists of two adjacent parcels of land, the larger parcel extending from the top of the Wolfville Ridge down the northern slope of the Gaspereau Valley to within a few meters of a side channel of the Gaspereau River. Approximately 75% of the property is forested. While most of the forest would not be considered old growth, it contains most of the species typical of an old-growth Acadian mixed forest.

This area contains large hemlocks, red spruce, red oak, sugar maples, beech and a scattering of red and white pine. Boblinks may nest on this site. The adjacent alluvial lowlands are currently used by neighbours for agriculture, including pasture and forage crops.

There are active ecological restoration activities being carried out at this site, including planting native species, mulching, mowing, and the creation of a pond.