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Help Give Rare Turtles a Home for the Holidays

November 24th, 2016
The Nature Trust has secured an agreement to purchase a 36 acre property at Barren Meadow in southwest Nova Scotia. They have just over a month to raise the remaining $20,000 needed to make the rare turtle sanctuary a reality.


The Nova Scotia Nature Trust announced today a campaign to ensure that Wink and Atahualpa have a home for the holidays. Wink and Atahualpa are adorable, yet highly endangered Blanding’s Turtles, some of a small number still surviving in Nova Scotia. The Nature Trust has an opportunity to save a critical natural sanctuary for Wink and his endangered friends, and is asking the public for help.

The Barren Meadow sanctuary will build on a growing network of protected Blanding’s Turtle habitat in the area. To date, the Nature Trust has protected seven properties near Barren Meadow, encompassing over 270 acres for these endangered turtles. The Barren Meadow site is also surrounded by the proposed Shingle Lake Nature Reserve (pending designation by the Province), which will protect adjoining turtle habitat.

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