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Friends of the Wild: Halifax Mayor Encourages Citizens to Join the 100 Wild Islands Legacy

September 15th, 2016
Halifax Mayor Mike Savage joined the Nova Scotia Nature Trust today to celebrate a major milestone in Nova Scotian wilderness conservation.


From a wild and beautiful island paradise on the eastern shore, the Mayor helped launch the Friends of the Wild. He encouraged citizens to join this new initiative to help shape and sustain one of Nova Scotia’s least known, yet greatest natural treasures, Halifax’s own 100 Wild Islands coastal wilderness.

With funds now in place to secure the remaining islands, the Nature Trust is turning its attention to the future of the 100 Wild Islands.

“Saving land is just the first step. We commit to protecting our conservation lands, forever,” said the Nature Trust’s Executive Director Bonnie Sutherland. “Today we launched the Friends of the Wild, an opportunity for all Nova Scotians to be a part of the 100 Wild Islands legacy, and to ensure forever the incredible story of this coastal wilderness.”

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