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Nature Trust Saves the McGowan Lake Turtle Sanctuary

January 4th, 2013
This new year, endangered Blanding’s turtles have a 27 hectare-sized reason to celebrate. The Nature Trust has succeeded in saving some of the best remaining habitat for endangered Blanding’s turtles in NS – thanks to an outpouring of community support.


On November 30, the Nature Trust launched a public appeal to help save one of the best remaining refuges for Blanding’s turtles in the province. The property, encompassing 15 islands and a forested peninsula on McGowan Lake, southwest Nova Scotia, includes five and a half kilometers of undeveloped shoreline and one of the most critical nesting sites for the endangered turtles.

The Nature Trust launched a public appeal for funds needed to help save an undeveloped lakeshore property on McGowan Lake, southwest Nova Scotia, that is a critical nesting site for the endangered turtles.

Over 300 individuals, young and old, from across Nova Scotia and beyond, donated to help ensure the turtles had a home for the holidays.

TD Bank Group provided the “closing gift” of $5,000 to ensure this nationally significant endangered species site can be safeguarded, forever.

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