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Dear Friends,

My story is not unique. Like you, I spent seemingly endless summers playing outdoors as a child. I remember playing in the wild pockets of woods surrounding a lake where my family spent each summer but it was always the water that attracted me most. I spent every moment I could on it; in it; and under it. I also remember the time spent on the ocean with my father. To this day that fascination remains, and it instilled in me a love of nature that has been with me ever since. Like you, I am passionate about protecting and saving our wonderful wild places in Nova Scotia.

My belief in the importance of nature was the driving force behind my decision to take on the leadership of the Board for the Nature Trust. I knew I wanted to spend my volunteer time supporting vital conservation efforts and hope that my contributions will make a difference now and for future generations. Saving and protecting our natural heritage seems to me to be both critically important and time sensitive—once we lose our beautiful wild barrens or windswept coastlines, bogs, wetlands and boreal forests, they are gone.

Recently, I was interested to discover research that shows how nature has a positive impact—mentally, spiritually and physically—on people’s lives. I know this is true for me. Do you feel refreshed and more peaceful after you’ve been for a walk in the wild? Does a walk on a beach or in the woods bring you joy?

Because the majority of land in Nova Scotia is privately owned (85% of our coast and 70% inland), the work of the Nature Trust is vital. It is only by having an organization that can work with private landowners, that the majority of our irreplaceable lands can be protected both for nature’s sake and for you.

Apart from my love of nature and knowledge of its importance to our wellbeing, I also volunteered to lead the Board because of how impressed I was with what the Nature Trust has achieved thanks to you. You are part of an organization that is thriving and creating a real impact in the world of land conservation. And with your support, the Nature Trust is about to celebrate its quarter century anniversary in 2019 (stay tuned for that celebration) and is fast closing in on the amazing milestone of 100 properties protected. As one of our supporters, Fred Chipman, recently said, “Go to the 100 Wild Islands. Look around at the natural beauty. That’s what a donation dollar buys!”

Our recent strategic consultation process revealed that you, like me, want to ensure that both nature and the Nature Trust continue to thrive, and, with your help, our upcoming year aims to do just that! We have identified a number of critical properties that we are working to secure over the next year, as well as continuing to manage all of our existing properties; additionally, we plan to use our new office location to showcase our conservation work. I hope you will consider supporting these efforts, especially after I give you a few examples of our plans.

Thanks to your support of our work on the St. Mary’s River over the past 10 years, we have protected over 860 acres along the river’s edge, creating a corridor of green—a protected network of wilderness along the river. We now have an opportunity to protect another key property in this area: Harrisons Pool. Opportunities to pull together large assemblages of protected habitat are increasingly rare due to ongoing development pressures. With your help, Harrisons Pool would add another critical piece to our jigsaw puzzle of conserved land on the St. Mary’s, filling in an important gap along the river.

The St. Mary’s River rich floodplain forests support the globally endangered Wood Turtle, and the nationally threatened Canada Warbler. In addition, 70 other species of birds have been spotted in protected areas along the river, and 30 different species of plants including Canada Lily, Black Cherry and Red Oak grow here.

As well as this property, over the next few months your support will help protect wild properties close to the urban centre of HRM and special properties in Digby County and Cape Breton.

In order for the Nature Trust to ensure a home for nature, we must also have a home where we can make that magic happen. Purchasing a property in Dartmouth, christened Nature’s House, to serve as our office has helped us reduce costs and increase our profile in the community. At Nature’s House, your support will allow us to increase the biodiversity that is showcased on the property, develop an integrated model of sustainable green design by eliminating storm water runoff, and increase energy efficiency, creating a property that embodies our mission to protect our natural legacy.

Please make a commitment today to ensure that nature and the Nature Trust continue to thrive.

We know you’re busy, so we’ve made giving easy. Simply download donation form and mail it back to us. You can also donate online, or just give Christina a call at (902) 425-5263 to make your gift by phone. If you’d like to find out about donating stocks or mutual funds instead of cash to save even more taxes, please give Barbara a call at the same number.


Please donate today because opportunities to protect the wild are disappearing every day. Your generous gift today will save a home for Nature.

With sincere thanks,

Rick Emberley

Chair, Nova Scotia Nature Trust Board